Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Recommend: on the fence

It is perhaps my whiteness that renders me almost incapable of laughing at Kevin Hart. The man is no Dave Chappelle, who can and does make me laugh. I'm sure they both will be intensely interested to hear that information. 

Let's get to it.

This comedy features Will Ferrell as a rich white guy who has apparently made his money illegally (huh, that's a switch!) and is busted and sentenced to prison for a stretch. He befriends a young black fella (Hart) who works for his company washing cars, and, wrongly of course, assumes he has been to prison. The cleverly named "King" (Ferrell) enlists Hart's aid in getting him ready for the pokey by toughening him up.

I feel like I know where this one is going, I doubt any of the jokes will be too fresh.  And its big-studio-ness will probably keep it from getting too down and dirty. Although one of the writers has worked on Key and Peele so that is promising. And I kinda like the high-concept idea, but it just looks a little too watered down. I see executives' fingerprints all over its little hiney.

Another prediction is that Ferrell's King, while an obviously evil stupid white man of ill-gotten wealth who needs to be schooled in the ways of the world by the street-savvy black dude, may be exonerated in the end of his supposed crimes.

Let me know will ya?

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