Sunday, June 9, 2013


Recommend: Yeah (duh)

Like I am really going to sit here and tell you not to see The Wolverine? I'm not that much of a snob. I can tell you that it's got Wolverine and Samurais mixed together. Nuff said? Two great tastes that taste great together. It's like having your balls played with while you're getting a blow job. We like that, ladies...and gay dudes. But you gay dudes already knew that.

So what do we have here?  Director James Mangold does have a couple good films under his belt, two main writers, one with some good credits and one with some shitty credits, but overall it seems there is some talent behind the camera here, so that's comforting.

Story-wise we've got Wolverine meeting up with some Japanese dude he saved back in the war -- he better be a good Japanese guy in a Japanese POW camp or something because if he's just some Japanese soldier I'll be pissed because those bastards were evil little pricks during WW2 -- seriously, kids, all you know about Japan and World War 2 is that we put Japanese citizens in internment camps (no, not concentration camps) out in the desert and then we dropped an atomic bomb on them.  There's a LITTLE more to the story there, folks. The Japanese were absolute sons of bitches back then and look what happens when you drop a nuke on bad get tiny radios and nice watches and great cars a few decades later. Good show, America! I wonder if Iran can make anything....

Where was I?  Oh, yeah, so this guy finds Wolverine decades later and he wants to "help" Wolverine by relieving him if his burden of being immortal. Hey, if you happen to be immortal and have a moment where you wish you could be mortal...think again cause immortal is the way to go. Humans just like to convince themselves that it mortality is better cause that is what we are stuck with, but immortal is way cooler.  Words to live (forever) by. So we will see what Wolverine does.

Anyway, enjoy The Wolverine, it will probably be pretty cool.

- The Trailer Snob

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