Thursday, May 30, 2013


Recommend: Yes, but...

Look, frankly this movie does look pretty funny.  But I have a beef with this particular RED BAND trailer. That means the trailer itself should be restricted to eyes that are over 17 years old.  Fine.  But gee, guess what the main reason is...a SWOLLEN SET OF BALLS.  You know....I blame Harvey Keitel way back in The Piano and Bad Lieutenant for giving the okay to showing your cock and balls. 

Jennifer Anniston ain't gonna be showing anything in this movie but maybe some side-boob and some see-through panties, but we do get to look at this shot of a Greg Nicotero-inspired set of spider-bitten swollen wedding tackle. Granted, it looks like it is a prosthetic, but god dammit...

I've said it before. Showing a dick and balls IS NOT the same as showing boobies and pubic hair.  If you're gonna show the male nethers, you have to show the female stuff too, and that means the lips need to part ways and I need to see some labia and perhaps the little hooded fella down there.  That's the equivalent, not just pubes and nipples. 

So can we get some more Sharon Stone Basic Instinct style female nudity going here? I understand the lesbian flick that just one the Palm d'Or at Cannes may deliver on that front, so maybe I will get some relief there.  But I have to sit through a French Lesbian film to get it. Probably gonna be way to much talking there.  And talking translates to reading cause I don't speak the French.

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