Saturday, May 25, 2013


Recommend: Yep

This one is quite boner-inducing I have to confess. But there is exactly one thing in here that makes me say, "huh?"  Why the crap do they have to have TWO pilots inside these giant fightin' robots?  That kinda just makes no sense. Wouldn't it just compound the problem of controlling the damned things? And they look super gay in there doing their synchronized fight moves. This must be some plot device and it better be explained. Like maybe one of the pilots inside goes bad and they have to fight inside one of the robots and then the robot starts making all these crazy movements like the weird guy in Devo's Satisfaction video. I like that one flying elbow-to-the-dome move from that one robot, very Tony Jaa!

Other than that I just hope they don't rely too much on the destruction-of-famous-landmarks cliche. I think Independence Day really kicked off that annoying trend and Hollywood does not seem to be getting tired of it.  I'd rather see some different types of landmarks get squashed, like maybe the Apple Pan in West LA.  Now that would be a tragic loss. Who gives a shit about the White House? We can replace the president (in fact we do every few years), but we can never replace the Apple Pan. 

All right then.

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