Saturday, December 8, 2012


Recommend: Yes

     Meet The Croods, a family of  Neanderthals forced to leave the comfort of their old, crumbling homeland to face a whole new world of wonder.  I'm sure the family has its problems like any family does, but this adventure will bring them closer together and they'll learn that blood is the most important bond there matter where you live.
     Um, I did notice there are no Neanderthals of Color in this particular trailer.  All the characters look to be of caucasoid extraction.  The folks at Dreamworks and Fox may have some splainin' to do on that one. I mean, how are urban youths supposed to identify with this white family? And we all know that urban is code for non-rural, wink-wink.  I'd love to write Dreamworks Animation a strongly worded letter, certified snail mail to add gravitase: 
     "Dear Sirs or Madams, it seems that the decades-old messages of inclusion, tolerance and diversity have not been received by Dreamworks SKG and/or 20th Century Fox. Why the hate? While we applaud your young female lead character and her rather non-white junky-trunk and thick gymnast legs, we would like to suggest that you delay the release date of  The Croods until such time as a scene, or scenes, can be added that show an African-American Neanderthal in a position of power, preferably female, and that that character in no way seems unintelligent at any point during the film. I have also been in contact with an LGBT attorney who has written a screenplay featuring a bi-curious Cro-Magnon-American who lost a government job on the basis of gender discrimination (based on a true story).  We feel this character could neatly be layered into your film. We hope you can find time in your busy schedules to meet with our representatives, so that your film's upcoming release date can be met without incident."
     I bet the highly underpaid receptionist who typifies the income disparity in Hollywood would shit themselves, run out the door and down the street over to Yaki's and knock the Bulldog right out of Jeffrey Katzenberg's hands to show him the letter.
     Other than that, I'm sure this film will make a lovely afternoon for family viewing at the local cineplex.  I mean that.  
     Some predictions: look for the old mother-in-law character who seems like a burden to the dad character to provide the epiphany that the dad needs to defeat the bad guy at the end (good thing we brought you, mom).  Also look for the Croods to meet up with some other more advanced people who at first look down on them, but later learn that the Croods are anything but "crude," and just maybe they can learn something from them about what family really means.  Let me know how I did on those, will ya?

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  1. Film is meant to be art not a project in competing your political social agenda. Get over it. 80% of the USA is white and in power. We enjoy seeing a movie without the African American. Frankly, When we do see Africans in a movie we curl our lips and roll our eyes as we explain to the kids what token means.