Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Recommend? - not THIS time!

     Whoa. Penises in vaginas -- penises in man-ginas...gay guys doing it with straight guys doing it with straight girls. And of course, street break dancers! 
     This might get pretty confusing for those young impressionable kids out there. Now I just lost half of you because you think I don't like gay people. Not the case, I just don't like watching confused people do anything. Look, if you're gay, do your gay thing. I think you should be able to marry your gay partner too if you want.  But if you are straight, be straight. The lead guy in this one reminds me of the line "Were you born gay or did you get sucked into it?" I think he's gonna get sucked into it.  And you know what? That means no more babies and that means no more tax payers in 18 years and that is not acceptable. 
     Look, Spain (I think this one takes place in Spain) already has a dismal birthrate and they've got to import people to keep paying their taxes to keep that welfare state going, they've got pretty high taxes and then they got that VAT tax of like 21% added on to the regular income taxes. Ouch! If you wanna keep that up, you have to START FUCKING YOUR WOMEN. If you don't start putting sperm into the right place over there, we are going out of Greeks, Spaniards, Italians....they're all gonna be gone in a hundred years.
     Sperm that goes into the poop shoot of your male roommate does not a taxpayer make, mi amigos. And I don't want this movie confusing any of the horny teenage males here because we got this Obamacare shit going onto effect soon and we need more taxpayers too! Yes, you are born gay or straight, but if you are young and dumb like most kids, and you see movies where a guy who likes girls wakes up one morning and decides to brush his teeth with a big fat cock, well, we're just going to artificially pump up the number of gay dudes and gay chicks. 
     Look, just stay away from this movie, get out there and procreate cause we need your children's tax money!

I bet you did NOT see that one coming did you. 

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