Friday, November 9, 2012


     Recommend: YES

     Thank God the studios got my letter about needing more Zombie's been at least 43 minutes since one was released and now we got World War Z starring Brad Pitt on the way.  Okay, bitching over.  This is what we call in the business (yes I have done some trailer editing on small projects) as a "really good" trailer.  I don't mean to talk shop and lose anyone so my apologies.  Other words we use in the business are "cool" and "fun."  Still with me?  Okay.  This one covers all the bases: cute start....something's wrong....whoa shit!  Something is REALLY WRONG!
     Looks like they are going the standard CGI up the ass route with fast zombies BUT these fast zombies are so fast they are climbing over each other like a tidal wave of red amazon warrior ants, flowing like flesh-hungry rivers through the streets.  I like.
     Look, Brad Pitt rarely puts out a piece of crap so I'd say this one is going to be on your "to do" list when it hits theaters in 2013.  Writer Matthew Michael Carnahan has banged out a few of these political and government-intrigue flicks before with some success so we will see how he's able to flavor that type of story with the undead.  
     Go and check it out.


  1. read your comment on TA , made me laugh so i checked out your blog

  2. Thanks! I live to serve. Tell a friend. :)