Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Patton Oswald kidnaps his scout troop from a sleepover at his douchebag brother's (Johnny Knoxville) house and takes them on a camping trip to turn them into men. Yeah, baby. There must have been a bidding war over this hot script. First off, if an effeminate pudgy single guy in his 30's wants to take your kids on a camping trip to "turn them into men", your first inclination should be to shoot him in the face, cause there's gonna be some forced anal penetration going on in one or all of those tents.

If you find out you were wrong, and he's not a child molester, you'll need to plant some child porn on his computer so the Feds have something to go on. But you won't be wrong. That being said, what the hell is this? They've got Patton Oswald, Knoxville, Rob Riggle, Patrice O'Neal in a posthumous performance, and these are the jokes we get in the trailer? Looks like this was STRICTLY an acting gig for these guys. These poor editors. I mean they are magicians but give them something to work with for shit sake. I don't blame the actors for cashing in but why just shit all over your comic legacy with an obvious turd like this? I say avoid this one like you would a drunken priest who just got kicked out of a gay bar. To quote Geena Davis from the Fly: Be very afraid.

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