Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Recommend: I'm afraid so

     I seem to be in danger of ruining my "snob" moniker because I keep liking so many trailers.  I promise I will sniff out some stinkers for the next few posts, but this one had to be commented on because it's rare to find a comedy trailer that is actually funny. I mean, did you see the Nature Calls trailer?  For shit sake, this one is thirty to forty times better. 
     Right off the bat we've got F-bombs and boobies in the actual trailer.  Nicely played! Some folks are going to be put off by that but those folks' butts will never get anywhere near a theater showing this flick. It reminds me a little of the classic Kentucky Fried Movie, in that it's just plain dirty, and it seems to be following a bunch of unrelated characters and probably will not add up to much when the credits roll at the end.  But there is a place for these types of films. Do I think Airplane! is as good a movie as Defending Your Life or Annie Hall, or Groundhog Day (the last three being films that are devastatingly hilarious but also teach useful life lessons)?  Not exactly, but Airplane! sure as shit is just as funny or funnier than those others.
     Looking at the credits I do see a bakers dozen or so screenwriters and directors so that tells me this is gonna be a bunch of unrelated material, again, a bit like Kentucky Fried Movie.  The list of writers ring absolutely no bells with me, but they seem to be younger folks involved with things I don't watch, but funny is funny.  By the way, if you see more than four writers on a regular movie with a single narrative storyline, that should be your cue to run the other way as fast as humanly possible.  I swear I saw a standee in a theater once for the Flintstones movie long before it came out and there were I believe thirteen writers listed on that damned thing.  They whittled it down to three before the movie came out, but those thirteen hacks all climbed on top and did their business all over that poor little movie before someone turned the hose on them...and I think it shows.  The directors names are a who's who of funny-bone ticklers, uh, with the exception of Brett Ratner, whose filmography reads like a Bataan Death March Trail of Tears left in celluloid, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for this one.  Just this once.
     I'm liking the cast here as well.  A lot of people who are not known for broad comedy, which can be magic in the right doses (look at Leslie Nielsen and Robert Stack in Airplane!, or Charlie Sheen in the Hot Shots series), and some who are, like Stephen Merchant, the tall British guy who brought us the original The Office along with Ricky Gervais.  Let's hope Merchant's film career goes a little better than Ricky Gervais' has so far, eh?
     My recommendation is to perhaps have one cocktail, maybe two, and time this one so your buzz is just kicking in, and you should have a good time.  I trust you will let me know if I was wrong.

-The Trailer Snob

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