Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Recommend: Oh God Yes!

O. M. F. G.

     Imagine my surprise when I realized that this is not a well-done Saturday Night Live spoof of an Alan Cumming movie in which a gay couple adopts an abused kid with Down Syndrome.

     Holy shit.  This has got to be the most Oscar-pandering "SBIG" (So Bad It's Good) flick I've seen drop out of someone's ass in a long time. Alan Cumming plays a gay fellow who's got a secret relationship with a lawyer and he and the lawyer end up adopting a neglected kid with Down Syndrome? This is going to be amazing.  And the worse it is the better it will be. They've even got a drug-addicted mom tossed in here.  

     This is a classic shock-and-awe, kitchen-sink Oscar grab-bag if ever there was one.  Also I'm guessing they finally come out of the closet right at the climactic scene to tell everyone they are gay and they love this kid and they want to adopt him.  Won't be a dry eye in the house (yeah, I make fun, but I will be bawling too).  And listen to me, Academy members -- if this does not win at least Best Screenplay, you are all homophobes and gay bashers, and anti....uh, Anti-Down Syndrome!  Which I guess would make you Up-Syndromers.
     In real life, Alan Cumming is bisexual, which, for men, is really just a four-syllable word for gay, and he is married to another chap which is undoubtedly why he is drawn to this story.

     Hey, relax, I got no beef with a gay couple adopting any kid in need, but this just looks so cheesy doesn't it?  It's like Kramer Vs. Kramer meets Cruising.  Cumming loooks like he may have studied Pacino's performance in Cruising for some tips.  Well, let's hope so anyway.  I may crawl out of my hobbit-hole to actually see this one.  

     It truly is a case where if it's not bad, well, good.  But if it is bad, well, GREAT!!

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