Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Recommend:  on the fence on this one

     So somebody is running around the mountain town of Cold Rock stealing people's children -- a man who is apparently above average in height.    This one has a bit of a Mothman Prophecies feel to it, which I found to be a creepy and fairly interesting horror flick, but things may run of the rails for this Pascal Laugier film because it's not really a horror film.  There was a very determined comment on the imdb page for this one reminding people that this is more of a thriller than a horror film, so take that into consideration when you head to the multiplex.  
     Another interesting side note, this one was originally called The Tall Black Man, and centered around an NBA star who was going around the country and actually leaving babies all over the place by impregnating legions of young women, thus, littering the streets with baby-mommas.  After a quick reworking by Laugier (who also helmed 2008's Martyrs) we end up with just a tall man of indeterminate race who is actually taking them away.  Whole different feel for this one.  
     And, hey, hats off to the cinematographer for getting Jessica Biel's lips to look the same color as her face in a lot of these shots.  That was weird.  And am I imagining things or did it look like this one was called The Secret in this trailer?  I always hate those super generic titles, The Tall Man is an odd title but it's better than The Secret.
     My completely blind guess as to why the children are being taken, you ask?  Probably revenge, must be a dad who's got some grudge against the town because his kid died or something and he feels like the town was responsible in some way.  I hope I am wrong cause that's kinda weak and I hate guessing these things right off the bat.  Like the time I saw M. Night Shyamalamamdingdong's The Village -- during the opening shot at the funeral, I just had a hunch that turned out to be right.   
     Well, if you go to this one, have some popcorn (with butter) mixed with some M&M's.  That's my favorite.

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