Monday, July 9, 2012


     "There's this guy, he's the kind of cop, least he used to be, doesn't care about proof, doesn't care about the law...he only cares about what's right..." If this quote were part of a Jeopardy answer I'd go with the question: Uh, what is EVERY fucking cop movie EVER made, for four hundred, Alex?
     Well, wait now, you know, come to think of it, I am pretty damned sick of those movies where the cop is always checking back with headquarters and the D.A about whether he has enough evidence for a search warrant... and making sure the perp is always Mirandized properly, calling in the interpreter if the guy doesn't speak English, making sure not to make any off-color remarks about women in front of his female partner...I want a cop who JUST DOESN'T CARE! One who might just bust a few heads and tear some knee ligaments... and damage rotator cuff or two, one who argues with his captain that he just needs a little more time, AND shoot a mad-dog stare at that Internal Affairs guy who's always poking his damned nose into who's not afraid to dole out a little street justice for a change...

     Man, this is good stuff.  Don't be stealing this stuff, now.  I got it all written down here on this blog with a date on it and that's more than enough for a copyright.  So back off, man.

I mean it.

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