Friday, April 27, 2012


Recommend: Yes

     I know this one is out already and perhaps you can still catch it if you want to.  Bob Marley was of course an immensely talented singer-songwriter-performer who belongs in the pantheon of the greats.....BUT...there's something I hope they get to in this doc.  I'll put it in the form of a question:

Why is it that Bob Marley was so fantastic, yet ALL OTHER REGGAE MUSIC SUCKS BALLS?  

     Sorry to you super Reggae fans out there who like Black Uhuru and that shit. but you are obviously stoned out of what's left of your fucking minds.  I would estimate that for every good Marley track, there must be 37,000 shitty awful reggae songs out there.  Hell, if the music nazis ever came to me with a sonic Sophie's Choice and said, "We are either going to destroy Rastaman Vibration OR every other Reggae song ever recorded," I'll take Rastaman please.  Red Red Wine comes to mind, but that's Neil Diamond.  There are a few covers out there, but no good original Reggae.  WHY!!!!!!!

Drop me a message if you have a good theory.

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