Sunday, April 15, 2012


Recommend: yes

     Okay, I know my tagline is "there's just no pleasing some people" but I really only like to tear into someone's movie if it looks like they just didn't give a shit.  Like that pus-laden boil of a movie Chipwrecked.  I heard it was indeed terrible.  Saw that coming.  Everyone involved said, fuck it, we'll get some parents in the theater with their stupid kids.  Make our money back the first weekend.  I hate those dicks.  At least with Looper we seem to have something semi-original.  Director Rian Johnson has worked with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (dude, why the hyphenated last name?) a few times before --   Brick was pretty interesting, that's worth a watch.  But let's talk about this one.

     We've got a basic hitman movie with the twist being that the "marks" simply appear in some designated area from the future and these "loopers" just whack them, then Gordon-Levitt gets a surprise (probably around the 25 minute mark I'll wager) and he's got to kill his future self.  Okay, that's cool.  He obviously does not do it (or does he try and fail?, or did he kinda fail on purpose? hmm...) so now I'm curious as to whether he teams up with his future self, which kinda bums me out cause I optioned a script a while back with a similar idea, but didn't we all?  Anyway, I'll bite.  I want to see this one play out.

     It does look pretty over-stylized with the annoying video-game effects, which is par for the course now, they want those gamer-asses in the seats too, what're you gonna do?  And I notice myself buying the fact that time travel exists in this movie, but the part where Bruce Willis spins around and takes a shot in the gold bars strapped to his back (I guess the guys from the future are rather lax in their pat-downs) and blocks the shot, then hurls a gold bar at his younger self and knocks the gun free...uh, wait a minute....I buy time travel but not that shit.  But we're in a video game world. like I said.

     And the name "Loopers" is kinda good, but it seems like the Loopers aren't really doing much "looping", it looks like they just hang out and shoot people in the face.  But hopefully that will be addressed in the film.

     I'm hoping this one will be worth the couple hours.  It looks promising...let me know, won't you?


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