Thursday, January 5, 2012



Recommend: Undecided

     Look, my whiteness prevents me from being able to enjoy Tyler Perry on a Madea level because it is just completely baffling to me, but here we have TP going for the Will Smith "rich black guy with a conscience" dollar and I don't know where to go with it.
     First off, am I contractually obligated in a blog post to say "Tyler Perry's" every time I mention the movie?  Cause my fingers are getting tired.  I say no.  
     And for shit's sake, Hollywood, STOP with the titles that have the hackneyed phrase that also doubles as the character's name!  Yes, his name is Deeds too...there's too many of these and I'm not gonna list them but the trailers always start out with....John Krapp is a womanizing drug-addled rock star, until a chance meeting with Jesus Christ changes his life forever....Russell Brand stars in "Holy Krapp!"

     Okay?  Just stop.  Go see it if you want, it's your money.  I even have shortcut right here for ya...

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