Thursday, January 5, 2012



Recommend: Undecided

     Look, my whiteness prevents me from being able to enjoy Tyler Perry on a Madea level because it is just completely baffling to me, but here we have TP going for the Will Smith "rich black guy with a conscience" dollar and I don't know where to go with it.
     First off, am I contractually obligated in a blog post to say "Tyler Perry's" every time I mention the movie?  Cause my fingers are getting tired.  I say no.  
     And for shit's sake, Hollywood, STOP with the titles that have the hackneyed phrase that also doubles as the character's name!  Yes, his name is Deeds too...there's too many of these and I'm not gonna list them but the trailers always start out with....John Krapp is a womanizing drug-addled rock star, until a chance meeting with Jesus Christ changes his life forever....Russell Brand stars in "Holy Krapp!"

     Okay?  Just stop.  Go see it if you want, it's your money.  I even have shortcut right here for ya...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Recommend: Yeah, I guess

Horror seems to be the only area where you can see new stories that are not based on previously existing material because the budgets are lower and they can use non-stars, at least this one is not claiming to be based on anything.  It may be suffering from the "fat chick who just lost a few pounds" syndrome of "showing way too much."  Just because you're down from 240 to 218 does not mean you reach for the tube-top and the capris, sweetie -- likewise this movie's gonna have lots of ghosts that become UNscary the moment you see them.  And I have a hunch that the old man who asks for a room for the night is the very guy who stood up the bride mentioned at the beginning.  Still, it looks fairly well put together.  Let me know.

Oh, and just a horror poster font-related note: using the same style of letters as the X-rated 70s gem Emmanuelle does not inspire a lot of fear...

Uh.  Yeah.