Saturday, August 6, 2011



Am I sick as hell of sequels and prequels? Hell yeah. Sick of bad CGI too. The Film Industry is still in that new stage where they are figuring out how to use CGI, not just technically to make it look more real, but how to really use it to enhance the story. This film, as far as can be gleaned from the trailer, has a mixture of the new WETA style CGI, the same method used for Avatar, where a digital "skin" is pretty much laid over an actor, and that nauseating video-gamey crap like when that gorilla jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge. It just sorta takes you out of the movie and makes you think about the group of computer graphic artists sequestered away in some open air creative space in Burbank, and how they probably all walk over to Yaki's to have lunch together.

That being said, Caesar looks flat-out amazing, and it looks like they may be able to wring out more from this character than anyone has managed in the past. Andy Serkis is poised to really knock this one out of the park with his portrayal of the world's first truly sentient ape. He looks angry...but with pretty good reason. This may be good. If the movie as a whole does not stink up the joint I'm gonna lay a little scratch on Serkis for an Oscar nomination at least.

Did you catch that awkward phrase at 64 seconds in? "From WETA Digital, the Video Effects Company from Avatar"? That's a mouthful. Id' like to see one that says: "Based on an idea that I told Steven Spielberg one time on a plane, and he said he dug it." How much box office does an odd link like that translate to? I wonder. And that lead chick at 44 seconds is pretty solid. I'm hoping there's a scene where she gets very dirty and has to bathe. And James Franco....might be a little hard to purge that abortion of an Oscars show out of my head in order to see this cat as a smart guy.

Soon shall we know....

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